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                            1. 产品介绍

                              detailed information

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                              • Product introduction
                              • Technical advantages
                              • engineering application

                              Hf-pcpps series pulsed corona plasma power supply

                                    Hf-pcpps series pulse corona plasma power supply adopts pulse power technology. The microsecond pulse waveform generated by the primary pulse source is compressed and shaped through a magnetic switch to amplify the output pulse peak power, and then output to the reactor to generate pulse corona discharge, so as to generate plasma.

                              Specification and model

                                    Hf-pcpps series pulse corona plasma power supply adopts modular design, compact structure and easy on-site installation. At present, there are two series of reactors with rated capacity of 3NF and 10nf.

                              Features and advantages

                              High pulse peak voltage and wide application range

                                     Up to 120kv, the pulse rising front is less than 500ns, and the reactor has a wide application range. 

                              High peak power pulse

                                     The instantaneous power can reach more than 300MW and the pulse energy can reach more than 70j, which is more than 10 times that of the traditional microsecond pulse power supply.

                              High reliability and long service life

                                     The magnetic switch technology is adopted to realize the switching state transformation by relying on the change of magnetic induction intensity of the magnetic core. Compared with the traditional semiconductor switch and spark gap switch, the magnetic switch does not need a driving circuit and has the characteristics of high working frequency and impact resistance, which greatly improves the service life and power level of the power supply.

                              Scope of application

                                     Hf-pcpps series pulse corona plasma power supply is applicable to the collaborative treatment of NOx, VOCs, heavy metals and other flue gas pollutants in iron and steel, chemical industry, waste incineration and other industries. It has the advantages of simple process flow and low later operation and maintenance costs, and meets the requirements of environmental protection emission standards.


                              VOCs removal

                              Under the action of strong electric field, some flue gas molecules are ionized, and the ionized electrons obtain energy under the acceleration of strong electric field and become high-energy electrons (5-20ev);
                              High energy electrons activate, cleave and ionize other flue gas molecules to produce free radicals such as O, oh, HO2, etc;
                              The generated free radicals react with excited atoms, organic molecules, broken groups and other free radicals, so that the organic molecules are finally oxidized and degraded into simple Co, CO2 and H2O.

                              Flue gas denitration

                              Under the action of strong electric field, flue gas molecules ionize into high-energy electrons, which activate, cleave and ionize other flue gas molecules to produce highly active free radicals;
                              The generated highly active radical reacts with SO2 and NOx in the waste gas to produce nitric acid and sulfuric acid, and then NH3 is added to produce (NH4) 2SO4 and NH4NO3. Finally, it is centrally treated at the back end.