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                            1. 产品介绍

                              detailed information

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                              • Product introduction
                              • Technical advantages
                              • engineering application

                              HF series high frequency power supply

                                   The HF series high-frequency power supply of electrostatic precipitator independently developed by Nanhuan technology has excellent energy-saving and emission reduction characteristics, solves the problems of low dust removal efficiency and high energy consumption of traditional power frequency power supply, comprehensively replaces the conventional power frequency power supply, and leads the technical development of high-frequency power supply of electrostatic precipitator in China.


                              technical parameter

                              1. input voltage:Three phase voltage 380V ± 10%
                              2. output voltage66kV、72kV、80kV、90kV、100kV
                              3. Output current:600mA、800mA、1000mA、1200mA、1400mA、1600mA、2000mA、2400mA
                              4. working frequency:20 kHz
                              5. conversion efficiency:≥92%
                              6. power factor:≥0.92
                              7. Weight:600 kg 、750 kg
                              8. Applicable temperature:-30℃~55℃
                              9. Volume:1200 mm×1000 mm×1300mm

                              working principle

                                 HF series electrostatic precipitator high-frequency power supply adopts series resonant circuit design, rectifies three-phase AC into DC, forms high-frequency AC through inverter circuit, and then outputs high-frequency pulsating current to electrostatic precipitator after boosting and rectifying by high-frequency rectifier transformer. Its working frequency is generally 20kHz ~ 50KHz.


                                 Higher corona power

                                  Compared with power frequency power supply, high frequency power supply can increase corona power, which increases the charging capacity of dust in the electric field. When the high-frequency power supply is in the pure DC power supply mode, the voltage fluctuation is small (generally about 1%, power frequency voltage fluctuation > 30%), the corona voltage is high (up to 130% of the secondary voltage of power frequency power supply), and the corona current is large (the peak current is 200% of the secondary current of power frequency power supply).

                                  Good spark control performance

                                  Compared with power frequency power supply, high frequency power supply has extremely short pulse time and good spark control performance, which only takes a very short time (< 25 minutes) μ s. The power frequency power supply needs 10000 μ s) The spark can be detected and the power supply pulse can be turned off immediately, so the spark energy loss is very small and the electric field can be recovered quickly (only 20% of the recovery time of power frequency power supply), so as to further improve the average voltage of the electric field and improve the dust removal efficiency.

                                  Stronger adaptability

                                  Compared with the power frequency power supply, the power supply current of the high-frequency power supply is composed of a series of narrow pulses, and its pulse width, amplitude and frequency can be adjusted to provide the most appropriate voltage waveform according to different working conditions, improve the dust removal efficiency, and the control mode is flexible. During intermittent power supply, it can effectively suppress the phenomenon of back corona, especially suitable for dust conditions with high specific resistance.

                                  Obvious energy saving and efficiency improvement

                                  Compared with the power frequency power supply, the high-frequency power supply provides high effective utilization rate of electric energy to the electric field, reduces the power supply loss of reactive power, improves the dust charging capacity and significantly improves the dust removal efficiency. Under the condition that the dust removal efficiency remains unchanged, compared with the power frequency power supply, the energy saving range can be up to 80% and the dust emission can be reduced by 40% ~ 70%.

                                  Highly integrated and easy to install

                                  The high-frequency power supply has smaller volume and lighter weight. Its distribution system, control system, high-frequency rectifier transformer, rapping and heating control system can be designed and integrated into a box according to needs. The high-frequency power supply is directly installed on the top of the electrostatic precipitator, which saves the space of the distribution room and most of the signal cables and control cables, and reduces the installation cost.

                                  Green energy

                                  High frequency power supply adopts three-phase balanced power supply, which has little impact on the power grid, no phase loss and no power grid pollution.

                              Engineering performance

                                   HF series high-frequency power supply has more than 6000 sets of equipment and the operation performance of more than 500 units in China, including more than 30 1000MW units, more than 100 600MW units, more than 200 300MW units and more than 100 wet dust collectors. It has stable and reliable operation and remarkable effect of emission reduction and energy saving.

                              Typical performance of HF series electrostatic precipitator high frequency power supply