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                            1. 产品介绍

                              detailed information

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                              • Product introduction
                              • Technical advantages
                              • engineering application

                              High organic and high salt wastewater recycling system

                              Wastewater with high organic matter and high salt content usually cannot be biochemical. However, the cost of physical and chemical treatment is very high, which is a major problem for many industrial enterprises. The crystallization waste water is expensive to be used as an evaporation waste water treatment system, but the crystallization waste water can be used as an organic waste.
                              The high organic and high salt wastewater recycling system developed by the company decomposes the organic matter thoroughly and then crystallizes and purifies it, which can realize the reuse of wastewater and the recycling of crystalline salt. It is suitable for the treatment of high organic and high salt wastewater in the production of dyes, pharmaceutical intermediates and other products.

                              Firstly, the wastewater enters the evaporator for evaporation and concentration, and the concentrated water and inert substances are mixed into the high-temperature decomposition furnace for pyrolysis treatment. The organic matter is decomposed in the pyrolysis furnace, and the crystalline salt is re dissolved into the crystallizer for further purification to prepare the crystalline salt that can be used as a resource.
                              According to the properties of materials, the company can design different working temperatures and different furnace types to ensure the decomposition of organic pollutants and prevent wall sticking. The waste water enters the decomposition furnace after molding, so that the salt concentration in the furnace is more than 3 times higher than that of the traditional jet incineration method, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced.

                              Technical advantages

                              All wastewater can be recycled

                              Crystal salt has high purity and can be used as resource raw materials

                              The operation cost is greatly reduced compared with the traditional process