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                            1. CULTURE


                              Current location:Home - CULTURE - CULTURE
                              Enterprise core values: strict, efficient, just and harmonious
                              Strict means scientific and rigorous management of enterprises. It aims to cultivate a realistic and pragmatic style with a serious attitude, strict organization, strict system and strict discipline.
                              High efficiency means high efficiency, high efficiency and high efficiency. It aims to improve the management level, work efficiency and economic benefits, and realize the preservation and appreciation of assets.
                              Justice is fairness and justice, integrity and righteousness. It aims to ensure that enterprises and employees are honest, trustworthy, fair and fair to others, and abide by the code of ethics.
                              Harmony is harmony, moderation, harmony and coordination. It aims to fully fulfill corporate social responsibility and is committed to harmonious coexistence between people, people and enterprises, people and society, and people and nature.
                              Enterprise spirit: endless, create first-class
                              Never ending is to strive for first-class, pursue excellence, never be satisfied, never stop, and constantly climb the peak of the cause.
                              To create a first-class is to strive to create a first-class team, realize first-class management, create first-class performance, establish a first-class image and build a first-class comprehensive power group.
                              Corporate vision: home, stage and dream
                              Home south ring road is a paradise for employees to pursue happiness and a spiritual home for employees to pursue value ownership. The company is people-oriented and committed to building a harmonious and better life for employees, enterprises and society. Employees take the South Ring Road as their home, love and build their home with the attitude of being the master, and add luster to their home.
                              Stage south ring is a platform for scientific development and creating first-class entrepreneurship. It is also a career stage for employees to give full play to their personal talents and realize the value of life. Enterprises pay attention to the personal needs of employees and establish an employee growth mechanism. Employees take the development of South Ring Road as their own responsibility, devote themselves to their posts and are determined to become talents.
                              Dream takes building a first-class enterprise as the common dream of Nanhuan and all employees. The vast number of employees explore and innovate, work together, build a home, benefit the society, and enhance and realize the value of life in the process of promoting the sound and rapid development of the enterprise.
                              Professional ethics: integrity, responsibility, loyalty and dedication
                              Honesty and conscientiousness is honesty and trustworthiness, and a promise is worth thousands of gold; Dare to take responsibility and fulfill their duties.
                              Loyalty and dedication is to be loyal to the party's cause and work honestly; Be dedicated to the development of the company, work hard and become an expert in his own post.