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                              The second batch of trainees from the backbone training course of fuel intelligent technology of national energy group visited the company

                              Release time:2018-09-11 17:00:00  Browse times:1696

                              Visit the automatic sample preparation system

                              Visit barrel packaging device

                              Visit the coal sample screening device

                              Visit the automatic bottle opening device

                              Visit the off-line barrel opening device

                              Listen to the introduction of intelligent coal yard management and control system

                              Visit smart control center

                              On September 7, the second batch of key trainees of fuel intelligent operation and maintenance technology of national energy group came to the company for visit and exchange.
                              The trainees of the training class visited the company's self-developed coal-fired automatic sample preparation system, barrel packaging and identification device, coal sample screening device, automatic coal sample cleaning device, multi-functional homogenizer and other intelligent coal-fired equipment, as well as the company's fuel intelligent management and control system and intelligent management and control center.
                              The trainees of the training course had an in-depth understanding of the company's intelligent coal-fired equipment and management and control system in practical engineering application, and had a strong interest in the design principle and performance characteristics of the company's products, and the on-site atmosphere was warm. Liu Shuzhen, Shi Jialin (photo)