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                              "Win win" organization of the company

                              Release time:2018-10-25 09:45:00  Browse times:1932

                              Group photo of team members

                              Invincible wind fire wheel

                              The Pearl travels thousands of miles

                              Don't fall the forest

                              Qunlong water intake

                              Penglai Fairy Cave on foot

                              Climb Guniujiang

                              On October 13-14 and 20-21, 2018, the company's labor union organized employees to go to Shitai County in two batches to carry out the League building activity with the theme of "cohesion, innovation and win-win".
                              On the day of the activity, team members came to the activity site and the two-day League building activity officially kicked off. First of all, taking the Department as the unit, they played games such as "invincible wind and fire wheel", "Pearl travel thousands of miles", "don't fall down the forest" and "group dragons take water" respectively. Through the form of game, the team members form a relationship of interdependence, mutual trust and solidarity, which has experienced and tested the team's cooperation ability and made the team members fully experience that good cooperation is the basis of an efficient team.
                              After the game, the team members ushered in physical challenges - hiking Penglai Fairy Cave and climbing Guniu down the mountain. In late autumn, Southern Anhui is colorful and full of autumn. The team members lined up in long lines to shuttle through the karst caves and mountains. While enjoying the scenery step by step, they are not afraid of difficulties and dangers, and constantly overcome one challenge after another with a positive attitude. What we gain is not only the beautiful scenery and the fun of challenge, but also the understanding of team strength.
                              Through this league building activity, the communication between employees has been further strengthened, the team cohesion has been enhanced, the feelings of employees have been enhanced, the confidence of Nanhuan people to unite and work hard to achieve the company's goals has been strengthened, and a more upward corporate culture has been created. (Stone Forest / photo)