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                              The company holds special party courses on learning and education of party history

                              Release time:2021-07-21 16:38:00  Browse times:1986

                              Wang Qiang, the general manager, gave a lecture on the party

                              Xiao Ping, Secretary of the Party committee, gave a lecture on the party

                              According to the requirements of the work plan of the company's Party Committee on party history learning and education, in order to further deepen the party history learning and education, give full play to the leading role of leading cadres in leading and promoting learning, demonstrate and take the lead, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of Party members in learning, and guide Party members to learn truth, enhance trust, respect virtue and practice in learning history, on July 20, general manager Wang Qiang Xiao Ping, Secretary of the Party committee, gave a special party lesson on party history learning and education to all Party members in the training hall on the first floor.
                              Focusing on the theme of "southern talk: the road choice of the Communist Party of China", Wang Qiang gave a party lesson to all Party members from four aspects: the overview, background, main points of content, historical significance and connotation of the times; Focusing on the theme of "hard work is our party's heirloom", Xiao Ping gave party members a party lesson to carry forward the party's fine tradition from three aspects: a deep understanding of the great significance of hard work, a scientific grasp of the connotation and essence of hard work, and based on the new era and new stage.
                              Through the study of Party lessons, all Party members have expressed that they should seriously study the history of the party and the country, and earnestly take history as a mirror, make history clear, know history, love the party and know history and love the country. We should give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, sharpen the ambition of struggle, effectively transform the enterprising force drawn from the study of party history into work motivation and effectiveness, always maintain the spirit of forge ahead, the spirit of fearing hardships, striving for governance and the style of hard work and tenacious struggle, perform their duties, innovate and work hard, and write a new chapter in the cause of science, technology and environmental protection in the south ring, Then cast the new brilliance of South Ring science and technology construction and development, and make your own contribution! (yuan Lingzhi / photo)