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                              The company won the title of "healthy enterprise" in Nanjing

                              Release time:2022-01-06 11:26:00  Browse times:2004

                              Nanjing health enterprise Medal

                              Height and weight meter, blood pressure meter




                              Recently, the office of Nanjing health committee and Nanjing Patriotic Health Campaign Committee jointly issued the notice on publishing the evaluation results of Nanjing "healthy enterprise" construction in 2021 (ningwei Zhijian [2021] No. 2), and the company was awarded the title of "Nanjing healthy enterprise".
                              In response to the call for the construction of healthy enterprises in Nanjing, with the goal of "improving the physical quality of employees and promoting the harmonious development of enterprises", the company comprehensively carries out the establishment of healthy enterprises. By establishing and improving various rules and regulations related to employee health, the company provides employees with a reasonable layout, perfect facilities, clean and hygienic, green environmental protection, comfortable, beautiful and humanized working environment, creates an enterprise health culture and meets the construction standard of healthy enterprises, It has successfully passed the expert review and acceptance of municipal and district health departments.
                              In order to further guide enterprise employees to pay attention to health and strengthen their physique, the health and Civil Affairs Bureau of Jiangbei new area has equipped municipal "healthy enterprises" with height and weight measuring instruments and blood pressure meters.
                              The company will take the successful establishment of a municipal health enterprise as a new starting point, create a positive corporate health culture, continuously improve the influencing factors of corporate health, comprehensively improve the physical quality and health level of employees, and promote the healthy and harmonious development of the enterprise. (Wang Songlin / photo)