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                              The company won the title of "Jiangsu Health Enterprise" (Edited)Re

                              Release time:2022-06-10 14:44:00  Browse times:2046

                              Jiangsu Province Health Enterprise Medal

                                    Recently, according to the "Notice on Promoting the Construction of Healthy Enterprises" (Su Aiwei Office [2020] No. 4) and "Jiangsu Health Enterprise Construction Evaluation Management System" (Su Wei Vocational Health [2021] 7) and other requirements, based on the recommendation of the district and municipal health and health committees, after evaluation and publicity, the company was awarded the title of "2021 Jiangsu Province Health Enterprise".

                                    The company always insists on putting health and health work in an important position, and regards the construction of a healthy enterprise as an important measure to do practical things for employees and promote development for the company.Unified deployment of healthy enterprise construction and business work, coordination and cooperation, step-by-step implementation, and orderly progress.Focusing on popularizing occupational health knowledge and controlling and eliminating occupational disease hazards, the company integrates health into the whole process of company operation and management through activities such as healthy enterprise construction and health expert selection, fully implements the main responsibility of the enterprise for occupational health, and protects the physical and mental health of workers.Realize the coordinated development of enterprise management and employee health.

                                    The company will take the successful establishment of a provincial health enterprise as a new starting point, further improve the management system, strengthen the construction of a healthy environment, optimize health management and services, effectively protect the health rights and interests of employees, and make positive contributions to promoting the construction of "Healthy Jiangsu".(Li Li/Photograph)