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                              The company won the title of Advanced Collective of Internal Protection in Nanjing

                              Release time:2022-06-28 08:58:00  Browse times:1663

                                     A few days ago, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau announced that it commended the advanced collectives and individuals in the city's internal security work in 2021, and the company won the title of "2021 Advanced Internal Security Work in Nanjing".

                                     In 2021, under the full support of the company's leaders and various departments and the supervision and guidance of the public security department, through the joint efforts of the company's administrative department and all employees of Xinhongyun Property, according to the company's internal insurance management work points, the administrative department will have a high sense of political responsibility and Taking social responsibility as its own responsibility, solidly carrying out various safety and stability work of the company, further enhancing the safety awareness of all staff in the company, maintaining the normal working and living order of the company, and making due contributions to building a safe, civilized, harmonious and orderly working environment contribution.

                                     Over the years, the company has been increasing the construction and investment of "civil air defense, physical defense, and technical defense", and has made outstanding achievements in the internal safety prevention and control of the enterprise and the creation of the harmony and stability of the surrounding society of the enterprise, which has been praised by the local public security organs.

                                     In 2022, the administrative department of the company will further conscientiously implement the relevant regulations and the spirit of the documents on the internal security work of the superior, fully implement the responsibility for internal security and stability, improve the internal security management system, and lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the company. (Shilin/Photograph)